Friday, October 7, 2011

Transformative Bible Studies – Let the Spirit of Christianity Grow within you

Growing in Christ provides 82 Bible lessons for youth Bible studies, Christian Bible studies, or Bible studies for any youth activity.

These Bible studies will meet 85% of the needs that Christians might have. Whether you are doing youth Bible studies or Bible studies for youth, or Christian Bible studies for small groups, adults or Sunday schools you will find each draws the participant into the Word of God to be sifted, convicted, and transformed into a transformed life for Christ. Pick the study that best fits your group, but draw upon the complete library of Bible studies to meet individual needs that arise during your study of the Word of God.

Growing in Christ makes a Christian Bible study more than an exercise in content, but a transformation to being like Christ!

Growing in Christ is an excellent resource for providing Bible studies for youth. The Church ministry package provides 82 Bible lessons that are designed to help youth in their growth in the Bible. The ministry package includes a complete set of Bible studies especially suited for training youth in discipleship.
Discipling and engaging other to know and experience more of Christ is possible and easy with a Growing in Christ ministry package. “Your Life in Christ” is an excellent establishing study for helping youth and all Christians learn and develop good disciplines for spiritual growth. “Deeper with God” will help Christians who desire a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ where they can experience a greater measure of His power and grace. “Discipleship” will help Christians understand the mindset, commitment, and disciplines needed for greater discipleship in Christ.

Spiritual growth has never been easier. Having 82 Bible studies instantly available to you along with over 300 devotions gives you the constant opportunity not only for spiritual growth, but also for spiritual encouragement and enrichment.

You can sign up for a weekly devotion which not only teaches you a spiritual truth for spiritual growth and discipleship, but it will also provide you an opportunity for growth in the Bible. Each devotion has an over-riding emphasis on intimacy in Christ and how your intimacy with Christ will take you to a deeper level of not only experiencing spiritual growth, but also drawing closer to Christ. It will only be out of your intimacy with Christ that you bear fruit for Christ.

Whether you need Bible studies for youth, your church, individual growth, or to equip your small group, Growing in Christ provides you a ministry package for meeting your needs for discipleship and spiritual growth.

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